Modex provides loan officer, branch, and company filtering. By default, when you login to your Modex Recruit account, you will be dropped into Loan Officer filtering. 

To get a comprehensive description of what all the filters are, click the question mark to the right of the "Filters" text (underneath Candidate Profiles). 

  1. To remove all filters: Click the three grey dots to the right of the "Apply button". A small menu will pop up and you can select "Reset filters".
  2. To remove one filter: Active filters will show a green dot next to them. To remove a single filter, click the "X" next to the filter. 

Accessing Branch and Company Filtering

To access Branch and Company filtering, either click "Branches" or "Companies" at the top of the page. A small menu will display where you can select either "Search" or "Filter". select filter and you will be taken to the filtering page. 

Have questions about filtering or want to provide feedback? Contact support! 

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